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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 April 16 Rome 733

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 natural. Her disease, not at any time very dangerous, I
nnew to be a sleeping fire that at at any moment ^might^ develop itself in
dangerous places, consequently my anxiety has given me but
little rest. Virgina, the nurse is throughly competent and at-
tentive, staying with Alice night
and day, but I have not taken
off my clothes to sleep within the
past four weeks, laying on the
Sofa, or setting [sic] in an easy chair and
watching every hours proceedings.
Dr Gould has come regularly twice
every day and is treating Alice
Since she has began to mend, we
have ventured out for an airing of
an hour daily, improving the
opportunity, in visiting a few of
the most noted among Romes three
-St Maria in Araceli- hundred and sixty five catholic
churches. Under the Pope the protestants were obliged to hold
their church services outside of the walls, and the recent change
has not yet brought them inside, but they are near our Hotel
just outside of this Porta del Popolo. Sunday before las,t one
of the Italian national guard was baptised [sic] at the Baptist chapel,
And on the following night some one threw a stick of wood through
their window smashing it- Last Sunday four more fine looking
guards were baptised. Its a great revolution in Romanism, but

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