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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Pope presents the clothes they wear, fifty frances each, and the victuals left.
7th “Good Friday”. Another anxiety, Jep has gone to be with a sore
throat and fever. Alice about the same.
8th “Holy Saturday”. Today the Priests visit every house, hotel, or store,
bless it, for which the proprietor is expected to pay. That part of
the “holy week festivities was too lucrative to omit, but today it was
a little lighter than usual. The daily “Misérére” in the
sixtine [sic] chapel has not been sung as usual- A daily pictorial gives
characature [sic] of an English family of tourists applying to Cardinal
Antonelli, asking “why dont they sing the misérére this year” to which
the Swiss guard by his side replies “Sing! Why the prisoners have all
got a a cold”. The papal party at the Vatican glory in calling
themselves prisoners-
9th “Easter Sunday”. Today the Pope ought to have given his whole-
sale benediction from the balcony of St Peters to the tens of thousands who
annually crowd into the square before it, but he did’nt [sic], and
the XX great St Peters ought to have been illuminated but the devotees
and strangers were doomed to a disappointment.
10th “Easter Monday”. Today Alice is decidedly better. Our pleasant
travelling companions the Castles, parted company with us, on
their way towards Geneva. All separate with real regrets-
The great fire-works for which Rome is so famous ought to have
taken place this Evening, but it has (much to Alices benefit and
and [sic] safety) been postponed until the 21st. Its One of the little
changes by which Victor Emanuel is breaking up the Papal routine-
12th Alice sit up [sic] and hour and half today, appetite coming-
16th Alice sit up [sic] today for the second time, temperature of her body nearly

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