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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 and Alice has improved a little within the last two days but is much fatigued
nervous, with increased fever.
I gave one hundred francs to Mrs Dr Gould for her school fund. She is
an active philanthropic lady. Has begun to gather in poor little Italian children
and teach them herself. She is kindly sending little Books to Alice
25th “Annunciation day”- All stores are closed for the Holiday. A little
country fair will be held at Grotto Ferrati, two hours ride, where everybody
goes to see the country costumes— Mother and Jep went with the Castles
and say they found a suffocating crowd. Trifling articles for sale-
28th Alice had a bad night. Fever higher. Anna, poor woman, has another
afflication. Rheumatism in her left arm, shoulder, and back
April 2nd Alices fever holds wonderfully regular with no signs of yielding.
Today is “Palm Sunday”, the commencement of “Holy week”, when the
most extensive church celebrations of the world begin, heretofore, but this year
the offended Papal party will make it a panful blank to anxious catholics-
Today the Pope should have “blessed the palms” of the ten thousand in St Peters
church, but he did not. A Bishop did it, before an unusually small crowd,
and the great procession around St Peters was omitted.
Last night a sympathetic Catholic deputation arrived from England.
Twelve Lords and Nobles headed by Lord Norfolk, with their suite and
today presented the Pope with $11.000. and their kind regards-
6th “Holy Thursday” The next three days, in commemoration of Chirsts agony
in purgatory after crucifixion, there is to be no bell ringing, no lights, no
holy water. Heretofore (this year omitted) this day, the Pope performed the
ceremony of washing the feet of twelve men and kissing them, in the gallery
of St Peters (no soap) and treating them to a dinner before the hungry
crowd below (Lords Supper) The twelve “pilgrims” are peasants, to whom the

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