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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 return from her dressing room, exultingly “I caught the rascally back-biter”-
At last I ventured to ask “how did you catch him”? “Why I looked in the
glass and spotted him”. Modern inventions versus Fleas. The
multitudes of beggars and Dogs in this lazy southern climate unite to
multiply fleas. We hear that Fleas are more numerous and
sharp-toothed farther south, in Egypt and Palastine [sic], and now I
doubt if my family could be induced to go there on any terms-
March 17th This afternoon Alice left her playmates and laid herself upon
the sofa saying she did not feel well- I found she had considerable
fever and at once sent for Dr Gould, an american, having served
thirty years as Surgeon in the US Navy.
21st Alice is having a regular course of Typhoid fever. Our anxieties at
this distance from home, full of uncertainties, can better be imagined
than described. We have succeeded this evening in securing
the services of Mrs Virginia Antonelli for a nurse, a good looking and
pleasant woman.
22nd This P.M. My anxieties received another shock, I found Anna had
a high fever and sick headache. Any indications of fever in this feverish
climate is frightful. I put her at once in bed—with hot foot bath
hot lime flower Tea +c-
23rd At 5 P.M. We were favored with an unusual phenomenan [sic]- in warm
weather, a hail-storm covering the ground to the depth of ten inches,
we gathered a platter-full for Alice, just what we prayed for in the morning.
Henry had tried and report that there is no ice in the city. Only frozen snow
from the top of the Appenine mountains, which is too full of dirt for Alice to
fold in her mouth.

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