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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 birth days of the King and crown Prince both of which happen to fall upon
the same day. Every street or lane, long or short, was brilliant with
bright colors, waving flags and banners- Red and white cloths over every bal-
ustrade or porch- Among them several American flags- no other foreign colors
The national guards, to the number of 16000 or 18000 were received along the Corso
and Babuino, a fine body of men taken from the citizens- In the Piazza
del Popolo were the gaily dressed squadrons of lancers- a batallion of cavalry and a com-
pany of artillery. All shops were closed for this Holiday and in the Eve-
ning the principal streets were brilliantly illuminated-
Presto! Every turn in the pursuit of life leisure and happiness by
sensitive strangers in this beggarly Italy is
disturbed, distracted, rendered wretchedly miserable,
by one insignificant pursuit. The “wherefore” of this
continuous pricking, not of our consciences, but of our
Epidermis. Every pleasure is embittered. Every
beauty of nature, work of art, painting, or statue is
dwarfed into insignificance by this ever-present
-Fleas- conqueror. Fleas-Fleas, always Fleas,
Everywhere night and day. The shuddering frame and sad looks
which we so often encounter among the visitors to “Galleries” are not always
to be attributed to the subject before them, but to the unseen enemy that thirsts
and quenches his thirst with their blood. Of all the countries we
have visited, Italy is the worst. And among all its cities Naples and
Rome Flea-ce us the most- At almost any moment of the day one
might see some member of my family carefully and anxiously peeling down
the upper end of a stocking leg. One of them, more harassed than the
rest might often to be seen to break abruptly from our midst to shortly

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