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For milk
Victor Emanuels reign is inflicting one nuisance upon the Romans
which was prohibited by the Pope- Organ-grinders can now grind the patience
out of us with impunity- A favorite stamping ground for them is up this
narrow side street on which our rooms are situated. Several kinds come
every day- At first we drove them away with a copper piece and
a dissatisfied waive of the hand, but they soon came back, and
weeks ago we ceased paying them, yet their came regularly, daily-
On the other hand the King has stopped one of the Popes nuisances,
small villainous urchins were sent upon the streets with a large bell and
a large yell to notify the people “send your children to church for the cat-
echism under penalty of eternal damnation”, +c Now they are presumed
to know it and must exercise their own pleasure-
Youthful education, under the Pope, was very limited. No public
schools were permitted. The youth were taught at Convents and nunneries. Only
the elementary branches were taught in addition to a good deal of catholicism.
Consequently the Romans are an ignorant people. But the King
has opened public schools and since last September has gathered in nearly
six thousand scholars-
Drunkards are seldom met, but the men and Boys know how to
make night hideous- not with yells and curses, but with loud coarse singing
and the national air is their favorite.
The Roman authorities are making efforts unusual to Italian cities
in trying to keep the streets well swept, but the natural filthiness
of the inhabitants renders it no easy matter.
On the 15th of March the streets were wonderfully gay in honor of the

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