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as those of Naples-
it is said that they
come and go with
the mass of strangers
The Romans say
indignantly that the
beggars are all from
the campagna- im-
posters, peasants -A Roman Dray-
that Romans would prefer to starve rather than beg, that the public au-
thorities make ample provision for the needy-
The Roman Drays always attract our attention, always with
large high wheels, and a screen for the driver, like a dilapidated
buggy top, which raises and falls the same, but is put on the left side
of the driver instead of behind him- and always with a bundle of
hay or straw on the right shaft where the Horse can be nibbling all
the time. Many of the poor Horses go by us striving to reach
their bundle which has been eatin out of reach and the lazy drivers
give no head to their misery, “so near as yet so far” like the delicious
viands just beyond the reach of starving Tantalus
A very common street fashion, is the leading of Dogs by a string and
strange to say that the people engaged in this elevated occupation are
generally well dressed sensible looking people. All sorts and kinds
from the tinniest [sic] to the largest, hansomest to the ugliest.
Before nine oclock ^A.M.^ one can see upon the streets, many flocks of
Goats, laying around street corners, their herdsmen leaning against

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