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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 on a little island is a marble group. Pharaohs Daughter on one Knee looking
up with clasped hands (larger than life), at her feet a babe in a marble
basket. Jep says she was the first Broker recorded in the Bible, “she
got a little profit (prophet) from the rushes on the bank”
In general the people of Rome, rich or poor, excepting the nurse girls,
dress very much as would the citizens of an american city, but we
frequently meet upon the streets people, sometimes half a dozen together, who’s
dress is entirely at variance with the mass of people around them, generally
common looking people- They are from the country around Rome, from
the smaller towns in the Roman campagna. Af few of the best looking stay
in the city and make a good living, hiring themselves out by the hour to artists
for “models”- The shop windows are filled with their romantic pictures, in the
gay “Roman costume” of bright colors-
Red and yelllow predominate. The cloth
on the head (of the woman of course) is usually
white, like a towel with one end doubled
square, reaching to the forehead, while the
other end hangs down behind.
The flower girls here wear the same
costume. Instead of being large ugly
looking women as in Naples, they are
all small bright eyed girls, who cluster
around you full of smiles and very per-
sistently force very small bouquets into your
button holes or bosom, expecting a penny
if they succeed
-Roman costumes- The streets are full of beggars, but not

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