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hall walls are covered
with ancient tapestries, a
Gobelin, hanging loosely,
To the right, to the left
and in front of us are
three rooms, with perhaps
a dozen marble pieces
in each. On each
statue or bust a card
gives the name, price, and
name of the sculptor.
a model for a full
length statue a little
smaller than life at-
tempts to represent the -Exposizione della societa artistica nationale-
hero of Bulwers novel “Cola di Rienzi the last of the Roman Tribunes” while
haranguing the people, but it does not meet my conception of Rienzi-
The second story is devoted to paintings, three rooms containing al-
together perhaps three dozen pictures, generally small, and in the
bright, brilliant dauby, Roman style, with high prices attached-
The promenade and drives of the Pincian go all around the building-
Beyond, in the beautiful grounds of this little Park, far too small for the
necessities of Rome, we daily see hundreds of promenades some lounging
upon the rustic seats reading- and scores of gaily dressed children merrily skip-
ping about under the watchful guardianship of their gaily decked nurses.
Amidst the beautiful shrubbery is a fountain. In the centre of the basin

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