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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 our daily airings. We never tire of looking upon that “grand gush”-
watching the many streams of different dimensions issueing [sic] from scores of
crevices in the regularly irregular piles of rock so artificially made natural,
falling into a large basin from whence the overflow disappears
under the street. This grand stream was originally brought
here by Empr Agrippa B.C. 27 to supply his great baths near the
Pantheon, entering the city near or under this Hotel through the
Porta del Popolo, subterranean, fourteen miles through the campagne
from the spring at Treves. The present hansome building
is quite modern The central niche contains a colossal statue of
“Neptune” by Bracci. On the left, a statue of “Health”, and on the
right a statue of “Fertility”- Before them in the cascade above
the basin are statues of struggling Sea-Horses and their grooms.
A superstitious saying, is, that if one drinks from that fountain
the night before leaving Rome (some say mid-night) he, or she, will surely
return again. Our friend Mary Castle did it-
These facade statues are frequently met with in Rome, on many of
the churches, and old Palaces. Notwithstanding the great number
of marble-shops, many Italians seem to live and flourish on the sale of
plaster imitations- Marble statues here cost from three to five
times more than would the same amount of carving in Carrrara. [sic]
In one of our rides we entered a house on the Pincian hill
(rhe only building on the hill except the Villa Medici) formerly a small Villa
(All private houses with ornamental yards are dubbed “Villas”) but now occupied
by an association of artists to exhibit their stock, a long red sign
on each side of the four sides calls it “Esposizione della societa artistica nazionale”
A door keeper sitting by a little stand, exacts one franc each for

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