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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Entered her exhibition rooms, first passing through an arched passage
into a little court turned into a flower garden. Thence into a large vestibule
merry with singing Birds, fragrant with flowers and shrubs, womanlike-
so cosy and neat, But she has not many pieces to show. The “wounded
Amazon”, “Sleeping Faun”, “Beatrice in prison” are her principal pieces-
The next American Sculptress, was of african descent, Miss Edmonia Lewis a
short fat mulatto girl coarsely clad in working costume, with a red skull cap
but having an intelligent face an using no unnecessary words, she
had but few figures to show. Her favorite study was a bas relief of Wendall [sic]
Phillips from an original sitting- of course- We were unusually polite-
Giffoni a young Italian adjoining, had but few pieces finished0
Rilli Italian, has several rooms, His “Paul and Virginia” $2000. Is charming-
Warrington Wood, american (not in) had several good pieces, “Jepthas Daughter”,
“Sisters of Bethany” $3000. And a large alto relievo hunting scene-
JH Haseltine, AMerican, we found in, competent and willing to “blow his own horn”-
Has three or four dozen fancy
pieces, small. Busts of
Generals Sheriden, Duryee,
Evarts, +c and is modelling a
fancy statue of Nyssia-
It would be quite impos-
sible to visit all of the studios
as there are about two hun-
dred of them-
We returned by way
of the Fountain of Treves
where we often drive, in -Fountain of Treves-

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