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Lombardi having about two dozen good single pieces. Tadolini still more.
Has a large “Love and Psyche” finished for Mr Stebbins of NY- and “Eve” for
Mrs Astor, another piece for Mr Gurney of NY, says he has copied thirty
six times his fine statue of the “Oriental slave”-
A. Rosetti has several good pieces “Self Help”- “Ophelia”- “Faith” – “Freed slave”
“Simplicity” – “Love merchant”- “Fountain of love”- +c
WW Storey the American, before who’s door sits the large model of Geo.
Peabody- Three or four other rooms contain statues of Cleopatra,
Delilah, Media, Sappho, Vesta, Lybian [sic] Sybil, Helen- The same features
can be traced through each. The same mouth and thick lips. Our
ideas of the famous Storey were not realised, we did not see him-
Castellani Rondoni has be few finished-
Luccardi has five or six rooms- “Hagar and Ishmael” is his best-
Mozier, the American is now dead, but his shop is conducted by a couple of young
americans whos works are not particularly good- Their “Wept of Wish-ton-wish”
is a painted statue, medium size-
Randolph Rogers, American, we found in. A very agreable [sic] gentleman of
very noble and dignified appearance- His shops are filled with the models
of colossal figures, for the bronze which we saw nearly finished in munich-
His Isaac and Ruth, kneeling are good- Several copies in various sizes of
his famous “Nydia the blind girl of Pompeii” the largest $2000. He tells
a good story, showing that everybody has not heard of it yet- An old gent
and his wife enter. Old gent asks the name of it- Rogers answers – + old lady
a little hard of hearing asks her husband to repeat- The latter very knowingly
repeats in a louder tone “Nubia, the wild girl of Bombay”- Such is fame-
Miss Hosmer-the American-ess, was not in, was not her “receiving day”, but we easily

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