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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Rome 721

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the three large statues by that celebrated
sculptor- viz- Perseus and the
two boxers-
The attitudes of the boxers are
entirely at variance with modern
ideas of “position”, which the artist
describes as attitudes in variance with
the prescribed laws for the purpose of
deceiving the adversary-
Very muscular, but I lose much of
the interest formerly enjoyed in modern
sculpture when I know how much
they may have copied from these
fine statues around them made
two or three thousand years ago –
The Boxers represent Greugas and -The Boxer-
Damoxenus, illustrations from Pausanius-
We have also enjoyed a ramble among the modern
sculptors of Rome, beginning with Benzoni an Italian
beside our hotel in the narrow lane, whos [sic] signs, the busts of Raphael
and Mike Angelo are ever present before our parlor window-
He has nearly a dozen rooms with several good pieces in each, viz=
Rebeccas first appearance before Isaac”- “Love and Psyche”- “Diana”
His great piece is a family group, “flight from Pompeii”, sold to a Boston
gentleman for $8.000. Representing Husband and wife shielding babe in
the arms of the wife, fleeing, and at their feet, are hansomely worked in a
lot of Pompeian relics0 altogether the best design in Rome.

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