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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 marble monument of the Biga which stands in the middle of the room,
a chariot elborately [sic] covered with relief drawn by two prancing studs
The latter are modern with the exception of a few scraps that were
left of the original-
It formerly stood in a temple dedicated to the Sun, since
which time it has for ages served as the Episcopal chair in the
Roman church of St Marks until presented by them to Pope Pius 6th-
Scraps of architecture, fountains, basins, tomb stones, anything from
the ancients, are piled along the walls, carefully numbered,
mixed with statues, busts, legs, arms, feet, headless trunks.
One hall contains over eight hundred of such mutilations
One long hall is devoted entirely to monumental inscriptions and
scraps taken from the catacombs. Christian on one side and Pagan on
the other-
One hall in three divisions, is filled with statuary and sculpture
of animals, in groups, and singly, many of them very fine and
One room is called the “room of the Doves, from the hansome
mosaic of three Doves sitting on a fountain basin, discovered in
the ruins of Hadrians Villa- It is very extensively copied by the
Romans, on Pins, earrings, sleeve buttons, lockets, letter weights,
and in large pictures in every size and shape and in nearly every
shop window-
From any of the many windows we obtain fine panoramic
views of the Popes extensive gardens nearly a half mile in length
hansomely designed.
One room is called “Canovas Cabinet” so called from

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