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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 tried every other available opening, and stumbled in here to see if anything new might turn up- A little distance from us a girl was devoutly kneeling before a glass case against the wall containing a wax Madonna gorgeously decked out in silks and laces, her skirt striped with gold flowers between, her long vail [sic] held on by a huge gilt crown set with precious stones, white kid gloves, and in her right hand a lace handkerchief. At her feet a vase of artificial flowers- These stylish “Madonnas” are to be found in nearly every catholic church [sic].

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 I asked the attendant in French, where was the entrance to the “Carcer mamertinus”, whereupon he turned at once into a dark closet and began lighting his tallow dips, then led the way through narrow passages several rods, part of the time descending, until we entered a room about twenty feet square with arched ceiling, now windows, built of travertine blocks, said to be the upper room of that infamous two story prison, one of the oldest structures to be found, made many hundred years B.C. Probably in the time of Servius Tullius.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Now beside the marble table of inscriptions there is a little alter [sic]- But this room is comfortable in comparison to the lower room which is about half as large and but little higher than ones head. We reach it by a modern pair of stairs, but formerly the occupants reached both rooms through a hole in the centre of each stone floor, about two feet in diameter. Beside the wall, protected by an iron grating stands the old stone column to which Saint Peter and Saint Paul are said to have been chained, and by it in the floor a lid covers a hole two feet in diameter where

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