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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 March Rome 691

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The great mass of those promenaders and people in carriages are strange to say Americans-

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 The city is full of them, although it is said there are fewer than in years past. At this large Hotel an average of about sixty dine together at table d’hote- A few English and French come and go, but on several occasions I have seen those tables filled entirely with Americans, and not another nationality in the room except the waiters, besides, there are many Americans who always take their dinner in their private rooms- Very strange considering the great distance we come. Before leaving home I imagined that I should be ready to approach unintroduced, any one from our land whom I should happen to meet in this great country, but now they are every where [sic], in every city, in great numbers, and I as rarely begin without an introduction as I would in New York-

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 The merchants live on them and would starve without them. We meet them in every store, and every desirable article is “sold to an American”.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 We have visited the church of “San Giovanni in Laterano” (St John’s) a massive building of travertine, surmounted by colossal statuary, having two museums connected with it, viz= the “Gregorian”, and the “Christian”- The church has had its troubles, being overthrown by an earthquake in the ninth century

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 [-Church of St Johns’, Lateran- ]

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