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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 They made it known, that all who demanded their hands should appear in the castle.  The woers [sic] flocked thither in great numbers to try their chance. They were received with courtesy and when all were assembled, a waiting-woman brought in a Great silver vase filled with little rolls of parchment, on which were painted the different colors of the Knights present. Everyone put his hand into the vase and took out a roll painted with his colors, whence ensued [sic], that the seven most ugly among them gained, while all the others drew blanks. The jealousy, anger and ironical remarks and bustling among them ^was^ is beyond description, the general alarm prevented them hearing the peals of laughter and mocking remarks from the seven countesses in the adjoining room. The Knights who had been so favored by fortune demanded to see their future wives, and were led solemnly into a saloon where hung the full length portraits of the seven sisters. “See, gallant Knights your brides” exclaimed the maid tittering and making

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