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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the brave Roland was said to have fallen by the hands of the Infidels, and the world no longer possessing any charms for the inconsolable Hildegunde, she took refuge in the Kloster on the adjacent island of Nonnenwerth.   The rumors however of the death of her betrothed were unfounded.   Though desperately wounded he recovered and hastened to the halls of Drachenburg to claim his bride,  but instead of being welcomed by her fondly remembered smile, found that she was forever lost to him.     In dispair [sic]  he built the castle, of which one crumbling arch alone remains, and there in solitude he lived, catching an occasional glimpse of a fair form passing to and fro to here devotions in the little chapel of the Kloster.     At length he missed her, and soon the tolling of the Bell, and a mournful procession, conveyed to him the heartrending intelligence that his beloved Hildegunde was now indeed removed forever.  From that moment Roland never spoke again.    For a short time he dragged on his wretched existence, but his heart was broken, and one morning his sole attendant found him rigid and lifeless, his glassy eye still turned towards the convent chapel.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We were much disappointed upon arriving here, not to find our family Physician Dr. Weber, as agree, or any advice.  His Father for 51 years a Professor in the University here, was also absent.    Telegraphed to Eisenach, where the Dr. is visiting his family and have just now received answer to begin with the Baths at Hombourg and apply to Dr. Friedlieb a resident Physician there.

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