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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 June 29  [1870]          Bonn            37

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 up the ornamented walks of a private establishment, charmingly beautifull [sic], overlooking the Rhine close below us, but after going up about half way Ma and Anna were obliged to stop but very reluctantly.    The rest of us continued to the top, and were rewarded by a fine landscape  but there was not much left of the Castle to see.          Counting my steps as I descended found them 440 to where I had left Anna, to convince her for her inability to accomplish it-       In the photograph, No 2, shows the position of the arch – No 1  is the new tower probably not more than one or two hundred years old and receives but little attention

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Across the Rhine, perched on a high summit (3)will be seen the ruins of the ancient castle of Drachenfels- on an island nearly between the two castles (4) can be seen the ancient Convent of Nonnenwerth, now rebuilt, celebrated for its ancient vicissitudes and political connections-  Drachenfels is over 900 ft above the Rhine, name signifying “Dragons rock”, from the legend of Siegfried who slew the Dragon housed in the Cavern near by, in defence [sic] of his ladylove  who had been thrown to the monster. There is a prettier little legend, touching Rolandseck, Drachenfels and Nonnenwerth.   The brave Knight Roland, scouring the Rhine in search of adventure, found himself the guest of Count Heribert lord of the seven mountains (adjoining Drachenfels), at his castle of Drachenfels. According to custom the daughter, the peerless Hildegunde welcome him with offerings of Bread, Wine, and Fish.   Her beauty riveted the gaze of the young Knight, and they were shortly  affianced lovers.   But their happiness was brief.    Roland was summoned to the crusade.    Time sped on. Hildegunde anxiously awaited his return.    Sad rumors came,

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