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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Banco-Lotto with the Naples coat of arms between the words- There are hansome offices and there are small cheap offices, perhaps hundreds of them, and I almost always see poor people in them subscribing-
Saturday is the day for drawing- The dealers have a “lottery book” or calender [sic], where the numbers are printed with the names opposite, of Saints, circumstances, names animals, +c. +c. And the subscribers choose according to their tastes inclinations or superstitions-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The semi-circular form of this bay of Naples and amphitheatrical city, has it regular outline broken by a spur of the mountain running directly into the Sea cutting the city in two unequal parts, the smaller part being on our side of the hill, and is the most modern. This hill is called Pizzofalcone It has been cut away at the end next to the Bay, making room for a wide street and a row of buildings at its base, except for a space of thirty or forty rods at its immediate extremity where the buildings were all crushed by a terrible land slip which killed and maimed many poor people. Now, that space is strongly supported by massive masonry extending nearly to the top. The summit is covered by an immense building formerly a monastery, suppressed by the government and occupied by the latter

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