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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Feb 1st Naples 556

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 besides the wide street which follows the meanderings of the coast changing its name every few rods until it reaches the chiaja where it runs nearly a mile beside the Promenade, there is one other wide street called the Toledo, wide comparatively, about the width of our “Vineyard lane” in Cleveland. In the whole of this great city of about a half million of inhabitants, these are the only streets where one can go with a carriage except with much difficulty.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The Toledo does not extend as far as this point in the bay, by about a half-mile, on account of the hill Pizzofalcone which intervenes behind this Hotel. The narrow street leading from here to the Toledo is called St San Catrina winding around the back part of the hill.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 At this end of San Catrina, just on the opposite side of this block beside our Hotel, stands the hansom monument of the martyrs, in white marble, with four colossal lions on the corners of the base. Upon the top of the hansom shaft is a spirited figure in bronze. The whole is 80 or 90 ft high-standing in a triangular, paved, little opening.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 Around this intervening block are the greatest number of

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 [-Column of the Martyrs-]

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