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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 be rowed out to the steamers and slowly hoisted out again. The going in and out, of all kinds of freight form the shipping to the city or vice-versa is confined to the four small wharfs in front of the custom-house arcade where sharp eyed sentinels watch every person or thing that passes the doors, particularly the Priests and ladies whos [sic] robes are too convenient for smuggling.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 1 No space has been allowed for the appliances of labor saving machinery- This long Government building, with its promenade above and storehouse arcades below, many of them rented out to dealers in ship stores, presents a lively scene, beside it, runs the steam railway where the sharp whistle and moving freight cars add to the confusion. Near the left end of the Customs stands a large freight house for commercial traffic, in front of which from daylight until dark is a crowd of hundreds of drays, carts, Donkeys (nearly all Donkeys and carts) hand-trucks-portres, struggling quarrelling [sic] yelling braying. “Confusion worse confounded”. Facing the customs, on the opposite side of the street are several Hotels called first class De France- Féder- De la Ville- Croci di Malta- +c but I should never suspect it from outward appearances. All of them in deserted Places whos glorious days were passed perhaps hundreds of years agone, dingy, rusty, rotting, noisy, filthy- The sidewalks is in a kind of arcade under the fronts of the buildings. One trip through there would be

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