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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 28     Cologne

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 and cheap plaster figures and “Dutchy” ornamentation as St. Gereon, with chilly atmosphere and cold marble floors.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Our next stop, was the celebrated old “Cathedral”, with no particular Saintly appendage, but a reputation for age and size that admits of no competition here, principally in the latter however, as it is only 622 years since its foundation, and the tower is still ^unfinished^ unseen as will be noticed in the photograph.     Its size can be estimated by comparison with the houses two and three stories high, in front of it. It has three fronts, the one by the tower being the oldest and the principal entrance-    The interior is 448 feet long and 149 feet wide in the narrowest parts, 249 at the wings (or transept) The area for services cover 70,000 square feet. The intended height of the tower is 507 ft. but is now only 200 ft.         

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 This great edifice has cost immense sums and seen troublesome vicissitudes during its erection.  In 1795 it was converted into a hay magazine by the French and the lead stripped from the roof-   It is one of the grandest specimens of Gothic architecture ever attempted. The little towers all around, with thin arches, connections, and ornaments stand out in rows and groups beyond the main body of the building with a profuseness and disregard of room and expense quite novel to an American.  A faint idea of it can be formed by studying the rear of the photograph. Upon entering, a smiling fat Priest accosts you with his begging plate, already half full of Guldens Thalers and small change “for the contemplation of the church”    I gave him a price

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