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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 are said to be a thousand years old. Near San Remo lives a family named Bresca who, according to the tale of “Doctor Antonio”, obtained from Pope Pius 5th in 1588 the privilege of sending a vessel annually to Rome laden with Palms for the decorations of the Churches there on Palm-Sunday- a reward for a service rendered by an ancestor of this family = viz. When the Pope was superintending the erection by Domenico Fontana of the Great Obelisk of the Circus of Nero in the Piazza of St Peter at Rome which was being accomplished by 800 men and 40 windlasses and 140 Horses a sudden and critical stoppage took place in consequence of the stretching of the ropes The Pope paled and the crowd around held their breath. The Pope in compliance with the request of Fontana had issued an edict that any one who should speak during the erection should be condemned to death as it would attract the attention of the workmen from their difficult task to the criticising [sic] multitude- When Bresca the sailor, saw the danger he boldly shouted “Water on the ropes” which immediately remidied [sic] the trouble and instead of losing his life the stern Pope rewarded him with this little monopoly as he desired-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Nice is a clean city as compared with the cites of Italy. It is near the border and until within a few years was an Italian city, and its inhabitants are mostly Italian speaking people. Notwithstanding the influx of foreign gold here, there must be a good deal of poverty because we are constantly importuned by beggars in every shape, age, and condition. I have always heard of the laziness, thieving, and dishonesty of Italians, but my experience has modified the understanding- The merchants are much like our Jews cheating whenever an opportunity occurs

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