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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 are generally small and have nearly all their goods in glass cases before their windows which they come out and unlock before us if we show a desire to stop.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Turning to the right from our Hotel and following the wide avenue along the Arno we soon reach the Florence park, or “Casino”, their most popular promenade, extending down the Arno for two miles and less than a quarter of a mile wide having wide drives and walks lengthways, very few across—filled withshrubbery between. We found a gay lot of equipages and promenaders among the former passing close beside us was the King, Victor Emanuel, with three other gentleman unostentatious no more display than many other outfits no outriders and gilded display as in other Kingdoms, and would not have known that we were so near a live King (The first one we have been fortunate enough to meet) had not Henrypointed him out- He goes much among the people without display and no one troubles himself to clear the road. In fact he is looked upon as a kind of “mutton-head”, of small calibre, notwithstanding that he has accomplished the unity of Italy so long divided and priest ridden, still, many say that those feats were accomplished by the renowned prime minister, the late Count Cavour. And as to virtue they give him credit for retaining five or six more

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