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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 1 and face very much. His only fancy figure for sale is a child holding some morning glories. (Which I understand he calls Rose Bud—ill named) A very pretty piece, price $750. His price for a bust is $750, and has a curious machine for taking measures of the sitter to facilitate modelling [sic], which he invented & is proud of- It reminds me of the infernal machines of the inquisition, seen in Munich. Is a kind of skeleton to fit over the head and form, full of movable points, strips, screws, and tips for measuring

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 1 A few blocks away we found the American sculptor Jackson at home and very courteous, with a room full of work, two rooms but smaller than the others- Nearly filling one room we saw the colossal “America” with side figures, which is to be cast in bronze for the Croten [sic] acqueduct [sic] of N.Y. He also, has a female in clay unfinished of x which he expects much. He has pretty, little ideal statuetts [sic] of “Musidora” from Thompsons [sic] Seasons, “Culprit Fay”, +c $500. each. a fine idea of Eve, and bas relief busts in frames $150. each. Busts $500. He says the fine modelling [sic] clay is the ordinary potters clay refined by washing four our [sic] five times from one vat over into another allowing a sediment to fall and be thrown away, each vat being

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