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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of forts upon the southern plains render it the strongest fortress in northern Italy-   With its population of 60.000. Verona is one of the quaintest old cities that I have found. In a busy square called the Piazza della Erbe we found a fruit and vegetable market in full blast notwithstanding it was Sunday. Peasants, citizens, Soldiers in various uniforms, and Priests, heterogeniously [sic] mixed, all except the latter, being, with their slouched hats, short cloaks and dirty clothes, about as slouchy a set as I ever saw together. Through all the streets we meet strolling soldiers, the dirtiest most insignificant set I ever saw.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 In the Piazza Bräxxxx Braediurer [sic] we found a Crowd surrounding a military brass-band that was discoursing sweet music. This Piazza is their most popular resort, a large paved square surrounded by the Town Hall (Municipio), the Palazzo del consiglio ornamented with statues of Cornelius Nepos Catullus and other natives of the city. The Teatro Filarmonico, Museo Lapidario, and the Ampitheatre.   The latter is the most interresting [sic] object in Verona. It was supposed to have been erected by Diocletian in AD 284. The lower tier of arcades (72) are rented for stalls and shops. We entered through one containing Photographs and promenade through archways and passages half way around, the local guide giving in French the names of the prisons, wild beast rooms, +c underneath.

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