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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Munich                        438

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 since the 15th cy. Among them many ridiculous groups in wood, small, representing the Virgin holding the crucified saviour in her lap like a babe, stiff and ghastly, one of them, represented a third person holding the same group in the lap like a grandmother.   Altogether ten rooms, uninterresting [sic]

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Then into the 2nd story, where the first room makes us shudder the cruel torturing racks, chains and other instruments of the inquisition, the 2nd room models, the center of the room being devoted to an immense model of Munich each house elevated in wood then through 12 rooms having large frescoes upon the walls, ten of them containing coats of mail and ancient arms of various kinds, uniforms, robes +c   a room of musical instruments among them a little four octave Piano made 1750 very feeble.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 2 Two rooms of locks and iron trinkets, one room of models and bridges, and one quite interresting containing ancient full-rigged ship models, but the whole collection is less interresting than our “humbug Barnums” show. two hours, this, on chilling floor- Then to the rusty old “Academy” full of students in sculpture and painting. We visited two of the rooms filled with models in clay and plaster, limbs, busts, frames and rubbish all around containing half a dozen students each. One of the latter said he was from Pittsburg and there were five more from there. Altogether thirty Americans, he was working at a full length model of Longfellow and kindly pointed the way to the studio of Prof Kaulbach, zigzag through halls passages and yards, where we found a little delay in entering, from the accumulation before his door (inside) of arms, legs, +c in plaster, standing around in carefull [sic] attitudes and which the professor was studying anatomically from before an immense picture 12 or 15 ft square. Through Henry he invited us to enter if we could squeeze through without disturbing his work. We did so. He is the author of the great

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