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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 1 of pictures on Sale by Carl Merkel, one of the distinguished artists, whos [sic] pictures hang in the public galleries. Found several pleasing pictures and several copies of others. Then we bow ourselves out with praises and promises, and go to the studio of Carl Millner the celebrated landscape painter, a modest pleasant little man with a small studio, working upon orders. I wish I felt able to buy his splendid works. He made the great bridge picture for Mr. Amasa Stone. I presented Mr Geo Howes letter of introduction and departed, to stop again, at the sale gallery of Van Gelder where the proprietor, able to talk a little English was untiring in thrusting before us his entire stock- None of the displays can equal that of Wimmer & Co but their pieces are much less.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 1 One square distant from this Hotel we find the “Museum” opposite to the new govt buildings before referred to. On the ground floor to the left we find Egyptian Roman rude carvings since the 100th cy, old scraps of metal 1400 to 1500 years old, mosaic floors, beads, and the 5th room containing plaster casts and photographs of antiques, all for sale- uninterresting to me- then back to the right wing which contains scarcely anything but old church relics and carving

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