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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 listening to his description but not understanding a word of his monotonous lingo, leaving Henry to interpret the most important we travel through acres of rooms, with walls, covered with the gaudy gilding peculiar to north German Palaces, but dingy with age and use, all uninterresting with one exception, viz= the floors were all of wood inlaid in small pieces of different colors, every room different, the hansomest floors I ever saw, and so many, many, acres of them, until we passed into the front building, called the “New Palace” from its more recent construction, entering the throne room, a large hall with a marble floor, having a row of marble columns supporting a narrow gallery, the throne a low platform holding a square gilt chair under a high but reasonably plain canopy, and the only furniture being 12 colossal bronze statues gilded upon pedestals between the columns splendid works of art, fine gilt, made from cannons thrown into the water by the fleeing Greeks and fished out by King Ludwig, weighing 10.000 lbs each.   And said to have cost $220.000. Each but I think Henry must have misunderstood the guide—who is now impatiently standing at the door awaiting our exit “12 oclock”

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