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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 1 chat and coo oblivious to all around them, the girl constantly revolving her engagement ring which is evidently a stranger to her fingers.. At the right of us sit a couple newly married but less social.   The gentleman a fine looking person of easy manners, the wife well developed and hansome, attract our admiration until the “Fish course” bends her to her work, when with face close to the plate she shovels in rapidly with her knife thrusting an extra slice with her fork when an opportunity occurs then raises her head to rest and pick her teeth with her finger Allie catches the frown which the husband bestows upon his wife and whispers that she guesses “he has married a chambermaid because she was hansome”.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Another woman ate everything with her knife only using her fork to pick her teeth.   Both these women look like Poles. They, as a nation, appear to us the most awkward and illmannered [sic] of any we meet, doing so many things that are disgusting. The Germans are easy and selfpossessed [sic] but have some disgusting habits.   Their whereabouts in the hall is constantly manifested by a trumpet blast from their nose into a silk handkerchief, only accomplished by the experienced, because we cannot do it-          The Germans smoke at table, in the cars, carriages,rooms, halls, in ladies faces with the most brazen effrontery imaginable that would be insulting in America.     The Germans and English pick their teeth at Dinner complacently-     but of all nations our daily experience compells [sic]us to dislike the English more than ever.   Selfish, self conceited, arrogant, exacting, noisy they are everywhere more disliked than any other nation. Their slowly deliberate delivery is so affected that we hate it

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