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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of walking till death. In the narrow passage we find servants waiting with two vehicles, the first for the ladies, second one for the gents, consisting each, of a long narrow board, about 18 or 20 ft long, resting each end on small wheels two ^2^ feet apart, underneath this board is a similar one to rest the feet. A Guide sits astride the front end of each with a lantern and directs all of the party to jump in behind him in similar style holding tightly to each others shoulders.   Before and behind each vehicle is a Guide on foot in shafts to hold or draw.           We start off at good speed, but soon the incline accelerates our speed to the utmost of the runners who are sliding and holding back their best, 7, 8, or perhaps 9 miles per hour we fly by the openings of tunnels, shooting quickly again into our own dark narrow passage where to stick out ones elbows or lower the head would be repaid with a bruise or break, exciting, novel, at first appearing dangerous, but the high wooden rails keep the wheels in the right track and we know the guides are used to it.   6250 ft of that kind of ride brings out near the base of the mountain at the Wolf-Dietrich-tunnel house where we find our extra clothing awaiting us, and happy at not being obliged to reascend to find them.   In addition to the regular admittance of 60 cts per person, we pay each of our eleven guides 20 cents apiece “pourboir”     Our long trip of 15000 ft, nearly three miles has been divided into, 7.700 ft on

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