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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of the ill-fated Maximillian, now freshly covered with wreathes and immortelles among which hang the long scarlet ribbon of Emperor Joseph covered with gold Embroidery-          Thence we follow the feeble light of the guide up the long narrow stairway towards daylight when we are suddenly arrested by this pounding furiously upon the crypt door, until some one let us out.   The door having a spring lock, blew shut with the Key on the other side.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 1 We have also been to the large and elegant new opera house, the best I have ever seen.     The opera was the “Prophet” and too dutchy for us to understand much of it, but we were much interested in their efforts to make it a success. There were nearly two hundred actors with many changes of hansome court dress.     The stage and its scenery were splendid.   The best sun and moon rising that could be imagined with moving clouds. There are five stories of hansome logas [sic] and the seats where we were in the Parquette are elegantly upholstered.     The Royal box is directly opposite the state occupying much room and several persons were in it, but not very high in authority.

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