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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 and in many places a whole group in a circle only lack enough, of meeting the corresponding points below, to make them represent excellently, gothic canopy pulpits. Jep says the stalactites are generally not as white as in the “mammoth cave” but are endlessly more plenty. The first grand dome a quarter of a mile in, is wonderful.     We walk around a narrow gallery, semicircular, large   and look down at the wide river rushing noisily a hundred feet below us.  A long row of candles displaying the high arched roof pendant with stalactites,   an eighth of a mile of river crossed by a long bridge, to which we descend.   Thence into one apartment after another, always changing in style and shape, always Gothic with stalactites, for a distance that the Guides call two miles, but could not have been more than one and a half.     The guide says it continues for five miles more although not so interresting-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The Grand “ball room” with its level floor and many brackets for candles must look magnificent when they thoroughly light it, every “whit-Sunday” and have their féte of music and dancing. The guides give us the names of the rooms, columns, tombs, pulpits, statues +c by scores.

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