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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 chilly north wind drove me to bed at ten oclock- At twelve oclock I awoke and found the red flames again in the northern heavens quite bright.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 1 This P.M. the Ladies visited the Villa Melzi, but I did not go, having satiated my taste for Villas on the Serbelloni ascent yesterday, until they returned with such glowing accounts that Mr. Castle our children and myself were persuaded to try it. From our Hotel down the coast to the left for nearly a quarter of a mile along the splendid promenade of terraced masonry shaded by a single row ^of^ large wide-spreading poplars, we reach the gate, to the Duke’s grounds, and rattle it until the gardner arrives. Thence through tasfully [sic] arranged walks, bordered by choice plants and trees large with age but luxuriating with an intended wildness, fine marble busts and statuary, hansome [sic] terraces ornament with flowers and choice plants, easily accomplished upon the rising ground behind the palace, to the chapel beyond, where we are charmed by the simplicity and elegance of the interior, furnished entirely in white marble, casings, columns, and alter [sic]. Fine marble statuary and excellent large basreliefs- A little frescoe [sic] tastily thrown in without colors, only black and white- The finest chapel I ever saw.     Thence into the Dukes house, after

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