Holly Witchey

Holly Witchey has a Ph.D. in European Painting and Sculpture and twenty-five years of experience as a museum professional. She teaches museum studies online for Johns Hopkins University, and traditional museum studies at CWRU where she is adjunct faculty in the Department of Art History and Art. In October 2016 she joined the EdFutures team as Senior Fellow for Museums. EdFutures is a US-based not-for-profit with a focus on education across the globe with a mission is to help education leaders, institutions, and ministries worldwide to understand the implications of these developments, and to apply that knowledge in four key areas: strategic leadership, research, policy, and practice.

Witchey served on the board of directors for MCN and as the AAM Board-appointed member of the National Committee for Archives, Libraries, and Museums (CALM). Other professional appointments include: (2004-2007) Chair of AAM's Media and Technology Standing Professional Committee (M&T), (2010-2014) Co-Principal Investigator for the NMC Horizon Report>Museum Edition and lead blogger for MIDEA (http://midea.nmc.org/author/holly/) a non-profit organization with the goal to provide practical knowledge about emerging technologies that museums can use to advance their missions (2011-2014).

From 1991-1999 she was Associate Curator of European Art and Manager of New Media at the San Diego Museum of Art, and from 2000-2009 she was Director of New Media at he Cleveland Museum of Art. Witchey is the author of “Progressive Vision the History of Downtown Cleveland (1986),” the co-author of “The Fine Arts in Cleveland: An Illustrated History (1994), “An Uncommon Mission” (2000), and, most recently, “Cocktail at the Museum” (http://amzn.to/1YsdN0I). She served as Director of The Wade Project, Ohio a multi-year collaborative project. In 2016 she was named as one of the most interesting people in Cleveland by Cleveland Magazine (http://bit.ly/1YOi15h)

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